This will be my next goal. The next chance for me to complete the ultra 50k distance. I have plenty of time to train and after the RnR Nashville Marathon , I’ll take a break for a bit then back at it (CONSISTENTLY) to prepare for this race. I would also like to put one more full marathon under my belt this year and (of course) whatever halfs I can fit into my training which will gain me some more medals and help with my @HalfFanatics Ambassadorship! Win, win, win all the way around. IF I can keep from overdoing it, yet doing what needs to be done AND if my cranky knee will just keep going without issues. That’s the thing about training. The mind tells you that you can do it, you’ve done it before. Yet sometimes you have to deal with the flu, injury, personal setbacks. In the end, I’d say that training is a huge part mental, a large part consistency and the rest is chance. Chance of catching the flu or other things that just can’t really be controlled. It’s a good thing that we runners are resilient and stubborn. While we are all devastated when we can’t do a race we’ve trained for months for, there are always races for redemption. Always. Thank God for that!! Hopefully, this 50k will be my redemption. Hopefully, I’ll be able to PR a full this year. Hopefully, this year will be a much better year for my family all the way around and for all of you as well! What’re your goals for this year? Races? PR’s?  #teamglukos #marathonmaniacs #halffanatics #doubleagent #wls #wlsrunner #runitfast #womensrunningcommunity #igrunners #runnersofinstagram #flexitpink #womenrunning #runshots #instarunners #sweatpink #garmin #fitness #runnerscommunity #rcrunneroftheweek #xtremerunnerslife #runnershoutouts #runnersrepost #beatyesterday #crazycompression #inspiringwomenrunners