So, yesterday was supposed to be a run day but my genius self forgot to take my RLS pill to help me sleep Monday night. In addition we got a late night phone call which didn’t help. Long story short, I was too exhausted to run yesterday so figured I’d run today, Friday and Sunday. My hamstring had a different idea 🙄. It didn’t want to go past 2 1/2 miles so I opted to go ahead and do my triceps, chest and shoulders. I forgot to do my abs at the gym so had to stop, drop and plank at the office! 😂 I am going to attempt to run this evening after work and pray that my hamstring cooperates. All the issues that I’ve been having are all on the same leg so I suspect that it’s all coming from a super tight hip. I’ve stretched, I’ve rolled, I’ve taken vitamins & ibuprofen, protein and drank MORE than enough water and no alcohol. So, wth?!! Ugh!! I needed to do 10 miles today but we will see. I know better than to keep pressing it when it’s telling me not to. On a side note, I have posted a link on my Facebook page to the new CENTRAL GULF COAST HALF FANATICS page. Please join us to talk about upcoming runs, get advice, meet new people and enjoy some camaraderie!! Please share the page to spread the word!! Just please keep in mind that it’s brand new so it’ll take a bit to get everything rolling!! I very much look forward to seeing y’all there!! Y’all have an awesome day!!! #teamglukos #marathonmaniacs #halffanatics #doubleagent #wls #wlsrunner #runitfast #womensrunningcommunity #igrunners #runnersofinstagram #flexitpink #womenrunning #runshots #instarunners #sweatpink #garmin #fitness #runnerscommunity #rcrunneroftheweek #xtremerunnerslife #runnershoutouts #runnersrepost #beatyesterday #crazycompression #inspiringwomenrunners