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OMG OMG OMG!!!! My results came back NORMAL!!!! Wahooo!!! So, I will resume marathon training and will run/walk my half marathon this weekend!!! I’m SOOOOO excited!!! I’ve been going crazy!!! Thank you guys for all of the prayers and encouragement. It truly means a lot and I highly value the lower of prayer. God is good!!! Thank you Lord!! #marathontraining #nomorerhabdo #woohoo #wls #wlsrunner #fitness #gbs #runnersofinstagram #rnrnola #rnr #superexcited #thabkyouGod #praisetheLord #prayerswork #sothankful

Excuse the crazy hair…normal occurrence, lol! I literally just received a voicemail from the doctor I fired telling me that everything was normal but that they wanted to retest my ‘enzymes’. So, 3 weeks later my regular doctor (no longer) calls to tell me everything is fine. So, no Rhabdo. Wtf?!! Really?!! What kind of doctor does that?!!! I’m so glad I went to a different doctor. I could still be running and not know that my kidneys have been affected and that I could make it worse. I’m so done with that guy. Wow, I’m utterly blown away. Utterly. #baddoctor #rhabdo #rhabdomyolysis #wls #wlsrunner #gbs #marathontraining #rnr #rnrnola

Ok, so today I am trying not to start off with a full on pity party. I’m missing my husband, I can’t weight lift and I can’t run. I have four runs that are paid for that I may not be able to do. I am a planner that must have many plans and backup plans yet….I hate not knowing which plan I’ll have to take. If I get the ok to run this week-this weekend I will run/walk the half I have scheduled and then resume marathon training. My thoughts are this….check the time limits on all the runs I have and with the doctors go ahead, finish them with whatever time I can with no expectations other than finishing. I have to keep hope that I’ll be able to resume training this week. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Y’all , please pray that I’ll get the doctors go ahead this week to resume training. Even if I can just run and wait on the weightlifting, I could handle that. I’ll have to see what I can get into today to keep me from the slumps….there is that bedroom carpet to rip up ☹…. #marathontraining #wls #wlsrunner #damnrhabdo #rhabdo #rhabdomyolysis #gbs #fitness #noslump #biggirlpanties #missingmyhusband #damnedoilfield #run #rnr #rnrnola #ihatethis #Lordhelpme #weightlifting

Part 3: RHABDOMYOLYSIS Rhabdo can be caused (for our purposes) by marathon training, heavy weight lifting, dehydration and certain medications. I had all 4 working for me. Rhabdo is when you’ve injured your muscle and the injured muscle releases an overload of creatine kinase (protein) into your blood stream causing your kidneys to struggle and can cause your kidneys to fail. Some people require dialysis and some require weeks of hospitalization with IV’s. This condition is very rare but there is a noted risk for crossfitters. Please be careful, please listen to your body and PLEASE…make those doctors listen to you. I thank God that I’ve not damaged my kidneys beyond repair. I thank God that doctor today was adamant that I come in. If I hadn’t, I would be running tomorrow, this weekend and a half marathon next weekend. According to the doctor, I would have more than likely ended up in the hospital or on dialysis if I continued to run. Not one of the other 3 doctors said anything about my kidney involvement and the seriousness of it. It took 4 doctors. FOUR!!! If you’ve contracted Rhabdo, you are now prone to it reoccurring. I will now have to be VERY sure that I am hydrated and not doing more than I should before I should. Scary stuff y’all!! #marathontraining #rhabdo #rhabdomyolysis #darkurine #swollenmuscles #soremuscles #fitness #dehydration #wls #wlsrunner #listentoyourbody #donttakenoforananswer #nausea #backpain

Part 2: Rhabdomyolysis I called the doctor first thing on Day 3 to let him know about the new symptoms of my triceps hurting/burning and not being able to bend my arms. Oh my God it hurt so bad. I was so nauseated and my back hurt. I also had muscle weakness. After calling twice the nurse said to drink more water and rest. Umm ok. Day 4 was the same thing. Day 5: I was able to bend my arms and wasn’t in near the amount of pain that I’d been in the last two days. Yay! No swelling so maybe I’ll be just fine. Nothing other than a persistent backache. Day 6: Even better. I went to work on Day 7: I called to get test results. Heard nothing back from the doctor. Heard nothing on Day 8 from the Doctor either. It was a holiday for Day 9 and FINALLY on Day 10, I got the results (when I called) that my CK/CPK test was 716 when it should be somewhere less than 176. I was so upset that it took over a week to get these results that when she said come in next week for a follow up I refused and decided to divorce my doctor. He didn’t seem to know much about Rhabdo and didn’t seem to take it seriously. This issue was the topper to other issues I’d had with this doctor. I’m done with him. #rhabdo #rhabdomyolysis #run #weightlifting #fitness #wls #wlsrunner

Part 1: In the next few posts, I want to bring awareness to Rhabdomyolysis. These were my symptoms; Pre workout: I had a few drinks along with my Restless leg medication (mirapex) the night before my fateful workout. Day 1: I did arms (tri’s, chest, shoulders) and legs. There was absolutely nothing different about this workout. At all. Day 2: The afternoon of day 2 I had urine the color of a cherry cola. I was confused but didn’t think much of it. Just slid it to the back of my mind. Day 3: Second arm day. (Bi’s, back and rear delts.) ¾’s of the way through my workout I’m doing low rows @ 60lbs. Nothing unusual. UNTIL my arms started tingling and burning like crazy and my watch felt tight. I looked down to find that my forearms looked like Popeye forearms. Whoa!! It freaked me out so I called my husband immediately and asked if that had ever happened to him. He said yes that swelling was normal. Ummm, baby? I’ve been lifting weights for almost two years…never had this issue. But, I didn’t want to panic or make a mountain out of a molehill. Yet….I KNEW something wasn’t right so I started googling. I came across a website describing Rhabdo. Even down to the funny colored urine. Uh oh. But I didn’t have any other symptoms. Yet. Off I went to Doctor #1 (Random urgent care doctor). This one told me I had some kind of infection but didn’t know what kind. Follow up with regular doctor. You can keep running. Ummmm can you do a CK/CPK (Creatine Kinase) test. No, we don’t do that here. Wtf?! Still knowing something wasn’t right and still being freaked out call my regular doctor. Come in. Doctor #2 He listened to what I thought it was and ordered the appropriate tests. He had to take two breaks to research that what I was telling him was correct. 🙄I told him about the medication I was on and he didn’t seem to think there was a correlation. Ok. Marathon training and dehydration. He questioned me quite thoroughly about my training. How many days a week? How many miles? Did I REALLY go hard lifting weights?!!! Wtf?! Day 4-5: Oh. My. God. The pain in my triceps were excruciating! Enough to the point that I couldn’t bend my arms. #rhabdo #rhabdomyolysis #darkurine #swellingafterworkout

Well, of course I have to ask it and of course I have to have a bit of time to be upset. I’ve been training for weeks. Not only that but this is the second setback for my running my first full. I won’t be able to run my half next weekend and maybe not the one in December. May not be able to run my first full in February either. It all depends on when my numbers go down to normal levels. I took another test today and won’t get them back until next week. I received the results from last week by printout without talking to the doctor. I knew they’d tell me to drink water and I didn’t want to pay another copay for that. Sunday’s run had me swelling so bad my compression sleeve bruised me at the bottom part close to the bend of my foot/ankle. I’ve been swelling more this week than last. I’ve been drinking a ton of water. Between 64-94 oz daily. Doctors all seem very surprised that #1 I have Rhabdo and #2 that I’m a female with Rhabdo. Hmph. Anyway, today I received a call from the nurse who said the doctor wanted to see me about my results. I told her I didn’t want to come in because all they’d tell me is drink water. She called back about an hour later at the doctors insistent order for me to come in. So I did. My kidneys have been affected but it’s reversible. AT THIS POINT. But no training until my numbers are normal. He was very surprised 3 other doctors told me to go ahead and run. Said I was VERY lucky that I didn’t pass out and need dialysis. So, thank God that doctor decided to be persistent. I’ll get my results next week. I’ll reevaluate once I know more about my numbers. Thank you for the sympathy and encouragement y’all. It truly means a lot. #rhabdo #rhabdomyolysis #upset #rnr #run #weightlifting #wls #wlsrunner #workout

I’ll update more thoroughly soon. Right now, I’m trying to absorb and not scream. #wlsrunner #wls #fitness #runnersofinstagram #run #rnr #rhabdo #rhabdomyolysis #upset

There are some days where you just struggle. I haven’t ran since Sunday. I wake up this morning with a burning again in my left tricep, an uncomfortable tingling in my left hand and I am swollen and puffy. I have a half marathon next weekend and I can’t lift weights. I’m about to go nuts. Well, even more nuts than I already am. I’m trying not to panic about not running (going to try to run at lunch today or run tomorrow and then again this weekend) and trying not to stress about not being able to lift weights. I don’t want to lose the muscle tone that I have worked so hard for. Makes me want to cry. It’ll work out. I know that. It’s just try getting there! #frustrated #marathontraining #wlsrunner #wls #fitness #wlsrunner #runrocknrollnola #gbs #run #rhabdo #rhabdomyolysis #runnersofinstagram #weightlifting

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