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"Out on the roads, there is fitness and self-discovery and the persons we were destined to be." -George Sheehan


Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans 2016

So, all of the pain, nausea, despair, dehydration and exhaustion of yesterday is almost gone today. Today, I am relishing the fact that I am a marathoner. Today, I am thankful to have learned sooo many things. Things about myself. Things about support. Things about stubborn willpower and love. Yesterday, I fell in love with my husband all over again. He worried, he believed and he put up with a crazy runners issues. Months and months of them. I could never have done this without his support and love. He held me as I sobbed when I crossed the finish line. Baffled but supportive and proud. Ahh, that look on his face. (Look for that little smirk in the pic, lol.) I was sobbing in pain, frustration, hunger and utter exhaustion. I don’t do well when hangry. At. All. Accomplishments or not! But he rolled with it and did whatever it took to make me comfortable and happy. Stood in line for jackets, carried me, gave me a massage, fed me, brought the car to me. 😍 What a man and what a lucky woman I am! What else did I learn? Runners/family/friends are amazing. The outpouring of support/congratulations and love…wow! Thank every single one of y’all. I kept tearing up in Walmart today thinking of all of this. Y’all inspire me to keep going. Y’all give me faith that humankind ISN’T all bad. Through running, I’ve found some pretty awesome friends and look forward to finding more. So, for me…this was more than a marathon- this was a life lesson in determination, faith, friendship and love. Thank you all for teaching me and giving me so much. More than you know. #marathoner #runrocknrollnola #rnr #wls #wlsrunner #instarunners ##instagramrunners #runnersofinstagram #ilovemyhusband #luckywoman #thankyouGod #friends #love #support #runnersareawesome

Marathoner. Such an amazing designation for something that only 1% of the population complete. My time was turtle slow at 5:52:20 and I am proud of that. It wasn’t the finish that I hoped for but I finished! The course was flat, the sights were amazing and the course support was stellar! @ppitts557 and I started off trying to keep a 12min pace and it was hard-to slow down that much for about the first 11 miles. Then we hit a little ‘wall’. Got a second wind then hit another ‘wall’. Thus it went, every few miles..wall. Until mile 21. Omg. My feet felt like the bones were rubbing against each other without any padding at all. AGONY!! Add to that, hamstrings and calves trying their best to cramp! Ugh!! On top of all of that, my blood sugar was up/down/up/down making me feel completely drained and like poo. I drank water, @glukosenergy drinks and ate chews throughout the course. My mistake in this was not doing so consistently, thus the sugar roller coaster. I struggled so hard with dehydration, blood sugar and fuel. My body is NOT used to not eating food for that long and I should’ve brought the peanut butter crackers I originally planned on taking. After praying, cussing, limping and crying I crossed the finish line into my loves arms. He was so confused as to why I wasn’t crying happy/proud tears. I was so utterly depleted in every way I just wanted a massage and home in bed with my love next to me. Then I found out I had to walk and stand in line (my love stood in line for a bit so I could sit) for the beloved jacket. Let me tell you, I wanted to pitch a danged hissy fit like an infant for that!! But I persevered and got the danged jacket that I earned!! I’ll post another in depth marathon experience today. I’m sore, exhausted and can’t eat enough right now!! @ppitts557 congrats on your PR!! @katiemichini Congrats on your HUGE PR!! @misssippipiddlin Congrats on another well run half-it was awesome to see you on the course!! #run #marathontraining #fitness #rnrnola #runrnrnola #gbs #instarunners #runnersofinstagram #marathoner

I will update y’all and respond to everyone tomorrow. Please forgive me for that. I appreciate all of your support, kind words and encouragement. Y’all are awesome! #wls #wlsrunner #run #marathontraining #fitness #rnrnola #runrnrnola #gbs #instarunners #runnersofinstagram #marathoner

#wls #wlsrunner #run #marathontraining #fitness #rnrnola #runrnrnola #gbs #instarunners #runnersofinstagram


Just entering Louisiana with this hunk on our way to #runrocknrollnola expo!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I need more coffee!! ☕️☕️

Hoping to meet up with @misssippipiddlin @ppitts557 @katiemichini and anyone else that will be running NOLA!! 😄

#wls #wlsrunner #run #marathontraining #fitness #rnrnola #runrnrnola #gbs #instarunners #runnersofinstagram

I’m still in disbelief that I ran (and walked) a marathon but the soreness in my feet and legs are a testimony to that fact. I’ve been very emotional off and on a ton since yesterday. Glad this one is over, glad of the experience, glad of the pain, struggle and utter euphoria the completion of a marathon can bring. I struggled so hard y’all. Truly. About mile 20 my sugar plummeted and I immediately told my running buddy I had to get something NOW! Bless her heart, I truly didn’t mean to worry her but if I don’t get something quickly when that happens-it doesn’t end up well. After shoving some chews down my gullet, I was fine for a few miles but for whatever reason-once my blood sugar drops I play utter hell trying to stabilize it and that’s on a good day. Not on a day I’m pressing my body to do something I’ve never done before. Never dreamed I could do until last year. So, if you could imagine the struggle it took to keep it stabilized when it was already going haywire. Miles 24-26.2 I spent praying HARD that I wouldn’t pass out. I could tell my sugar was low still, I was dizzy, I was extremely thirsty and had a headache starting in the back of my head thus letting me know I was dehydrated. Unfortunately, I was nauseated and any liquids I tried to consume at that point made it worse. I had to walk until the queasiness lowered to a tolerable level. I ate chews when I felt my sugar dropping too low and figured out that a VERY slow jog hurt less than walking. I stopped to stretch many, many times too. I could just picture me passing out right before the finish line for no medal, no jacket and a DNF. No way! I prayed and prayed. I cussed and cussed. I turned on every single bad mood angry song I could think of, grit my teeth and got PISSED. I didn’t come all that way to pass out. I would MAKE SURE I kept my sugar bumped, I dealt with the nausea by sipping and taking it slow. I was utterly miserable. That was the worst and the most awesome thing I’ve ever done. Will I do it again on 3/13? Will I get my @marathonmaniacs #doubleagent number? #runnersofinstagram #instarunners #wls #wlsrunner #runrnrnola #run #rnr #gbs #marathonmaniac

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