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"Out on the roads, there is fitness and self-discovery and the persons we were destined to be." -George Sheehan


Zydeco Marathon 2016

My 2nd marathon in two weeks ( @zydeco_marathon) and my @marathonmaniacs /double agent qualifier was a pretty great run!! I was able to do the early start and finished in 6:07:57. I’m totally good with that because I finished!!! This body just can’t run fast on those fulls. It’s just too much! I’ll now get back to my second love of weightlifting and doing my halfs. I may do one full a year but definitely not two as close together as these!! As you can see by my total mileage, I got lost causing me to run 1/3 of a mile more😫!! Right around mile 12 was a 25 mile marker which totally threw me off. I had to ask 4 people before they directed me to the correct route. The map they provided was NOT a good map. It was hard to see and harder to see after you printed it BUT the race support was awesome, I am super thankful that they allowed the early start and the volunteers were amazing! The course itself was quite pretty in most places if a bit twisty/turny. I would do this one again as I really did enjoy it. Gosh y’all, this race made me love the running community even more than I already did. Just about everyone that passed me said, good morning! Good job! You’re doing great! It was amazing. The policemen/women were all very supportive as well. I have to say the vibe from this race has to be one of the best in any run I’ve done and that really surprised me. I also got to meet fellow blog/runner @presentlyfree who was so sweet!! It was very nice to meet you!! I hope to ‘run’ in to you again, congratulations!! The man pictured to the top left and i had a short conversation. He is at over 100 marathons in just about every single continent. What an amazing story. I hate that I failed to get his name as I was in total awe of him!! What an inspiration!! He is running In Houston this coming weekend so good luck to him!! I felt so much better during this race with the exception of my feet!! Danged plantar fasciitis! If I can get that to go away then I’d probably try for more fulls. I thanked God that my blood sugar was awesome. The peanut butter crackers and @glukosenergy chews worked like a charm in addition to my @powerade in my @camelbak !! #marathoner #marathonmaniac #wls

Well, I accomplished what I set out to do!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 it was hot and there were slight hills but it was better this I thought it’d be!! My hydration was awesome. Blood sugar was perfect. Foot and plantar fasciitis…not so good. Omg my feet hurt so bad. Thank God for an early start!! I’ll post more later y’all but yeah!! I qualified for the @marathonmaniacs and the double agents!! Woot woot!! #zydecomarathon #wls #wlsrunner #run #runnersofinstagram #instarunners #fitness

Had a great time at the @zydeco_marathon Expo today!! It was much smaller than RnR NOLA but it was a good one!! They had this new vendor there with a product that I am really wanting called @the_healing_sole !! They are recovery shoes to help plantar fasciitis!! I actually got to meet the designer which was neat and the crew was so helpful! I wore them around for a bit and it felt like it was massaging my feet!! I MUST have a pair!! I’ve never really bought anything from all the expos I’ve gone to but I regretted not doing so at the RnR Marathon and made up for it this time!! The black shirt is the race shirt, the grey and black I bought along with the coffee cup and earrings!! Thanks to my love!! 😍😍😍 I’m ready for this one to be over y’all! I’ll hopefully be welcomed into the @marathonmaniacs / double agents tomorrow 🙏🏻🙏🏻!! I’ve tripped and fallen twice this week so I now have wonderful bruises. A big heavy can fell on my ankle the other day, causing another bruise but luckily it’s above my shoe line!! And today..? My feet hurt!! 😩😩😩 I’m going to wear my old shoes tomorrow since the plantar fasciitis pain started with the new shoes. I’m praying it’ll work!! I have my camelbak ready, my sugar free @powerade , @glukosenergy chews and peanut butter crackers to fuel me. Good luck to all you racers this weekend!! #marathoner #wls #wlsrunner #zydecomarathon #marathonmaniac #doubleagent #halffanatics #gbs #fitness #run

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